We make dies for you, the way you want it

At Purandara we understand your passion to create great printed products. We understand that to create quality Packaging, or quality labels the first thing you need is a Quality Die. A die that is made with your machine in mind, with the right specifications that will help you create that perfect carton, that consistently shaped tag.

Die Making at Purandara

Our work is intuitive and dies are made specifically to run in your conditions. At a cost that provides the best value for your hard earned money. Made according to the thickness and abrasion of your material and the quantity you need to die cut.

We make dies for you, the way you want it and at the most economical cost for you.

At Purandara, you are at the center of our work.

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What our customers say

Anaswara Offset Pvt Ltd, is a 39 year old multiword winning professionally managed Printing and Packaging Company who works with some of the best names in the industry be it through innovative brochures, books, invites, labels, tags, packaging.

Purandara Laser Technologies Private Limited, has been a value added partner in our progress in our constant strive to deliver top notch finished products be it through their technical advice, value added solutions like 3D Embossing, Micro Embossing, Special and intricate Foil Blocks apart from their small and large format dies for automatic die cutters.

In short they are our partner in progress and the association has been for more than a decade now where we value their passion, work dedication, service commitment to time and quality above all. We would highly recommend Purandara for any kind of requirement regarding Dies,Foil & Emboss Blocks etc.

Anoop Venugopal / Anaswara Offset Pvt Ltd

What our customers say

Exceptional service quality with a personal touch
“Service excellence is a virtue of very few organisations and the one’s who exceed customer’s expectations are the ones who succeed. The team at Purandara is one of them having exceptional service quality with a personal touch. I wish team Purandara all the success.”

Mr.G Venugopal Nair / Sterling Print House P Ltd

What our customers say

Revolutionized the meaning of end to end solutions
“Its been little over a decade since i have known and been associated with the Purandara group. Purandara has really revolutionized the meaning of end to end solutions for our industry, which is why i believe they are able to sustain the association for as many years. There is always a personal touch in providing solution from its management which leaves a sense of gratitude in most cases. This is the reason why that whenever a representative from any allied industry asks me for referring a local partner i have only one name.”

Mr. Magesh Karthik / S.T.Reddiar & Sons

Our infrastructure at work for you

Tool making presents a set of challenges which our customers understand very well. In addition to printing colors consistently from first copy to the last, they also need precision and durability in their dies.

Each die is different, depending on the material to be cut, the precision to be achieved and the quantity of impressions to be punched.

Our production team at Purandara instinctively understands this. We have equipped ourselves with modern equipment and technology to achieve this. Selection of equipment, machinery and software have been carefully done to ensure that we can deliver the right quality to our customers at the right price point.

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Purandara metal works infrastructure

Our dedicated team

CNC engraving and chemical etching method in kerala


    • Die board cutting laser of Fixed Optic type
    • Automatic Rule processors for Bending, Lipping, Notching and with Broaching function
    • CNC Engraving machine for Embossing/ Foiling dies
    • Exposing systems and heat presses for Male dies in Polymer/Resin
    • Design system with Impact workflow
    • Manual Benders, Notchers, Lip cutters, Special benders for slots
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die making service for laser cut packaging dies Kerala India
Design system with Impact workflow

People oriented

We also invest heavily in our people, making sure that they understand the intricacies of Die design and tooling. Most of our Designers and toolmakers have exposure in application also by working with our customers through their production process.

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