11 years of Die making at Purandara

11 years of Die making at PURANDARA

At around this time, 11 years back Purandara ventured into making dies. A decisive step into the unknown. All we had was the support of a group of printers throughout our market who were with us. And who needed precision punching dies to do precision jobs.

This moment has been decisive in the journey of Purandara, where we have endeavored to deliver solutions to Printers. Helping them to do their work better through more and more products and services.

At this moment, we thank all our friends and well- wishers who have supported us all these years. I am happy to say that the last 11 years have not been easy. The destination ( if only I knew exactly what that is ) has probably not been reached, but the journey has been extremely fulfilling. And fun.

Hope the Purandara team is able to scale up according to the needs of the market, and deliver solutions to the market at the right time and in the right measure.

I have friends here who were once part of Purandara and who have since moved on. This message is as much for you as for everybody else. Your contributions are valued and remembered.

Prayers and thanks to God Almighty who helped us with his infinite grace, without which we would not have been here today.

More power to diemaking@purandara.com